What our patients say...

Lisa, J. (37)

I have suffered with lower back pain to varying degrees for the last 9 years. I have sought treatment previously, that being Physiotherapy, another Chiropractor, medication, Acupuncture & spinal injections, some of which worked, some didn’t, but none had long lasting effects.


I noticed an improvement in my pain from the first session with Shal and it has continued to improve to the point where I am almost always pain free. I found Shal’s explanation about what the problem is with my back to have been the best and most thorough of all the professionals I have encountered. He is also a very friendly, nice individual, who is able to put you at ease instantly and appears to genuinely care about you as an individual.


I couldn’t recommend Shal more highly – If you have back pain see Shal.

Sarah, J. (40).

I visited Shal with mid back and lower back pain, which I had been using painkillers and hot baths to reduce pain. Previous treatments have been various visits to Physiotherapists, due to two bad falls.

My visit to Shal was amazing, as coming out I felt able to move and stand straight with no pain. Feeling comfortable as standing / sitting upright was easier and I realised it was a treatment I needed to continue.

Shal is very thorough and explains details very clearly, I can recommend Shal to Everyone.

Saidah, K. (42).

I have suffered from back problems for 20 years now and during that time I have visited many different professional to try and find some resolution to my problem. I would regularly experience pain during the night whilst trying to sleep. Sometimes I could barely get myself out of bed! When I spoke to Shal I found him to understand my predicament, listening to my grumblings when I was in great pain!

During my first session Shal assessed the extent of my mobility, manipulating my back and neck expertly in my first session to the extent I was able to sleep at night. He advised me on exercises to release and manage the pain, and how to improve posture when resting and working so as not to aggravate my back and neck.

The way in which my body has changed has been so dramatic and I amazed at how much more energy and motivation I have physically and mentally. As soon as Shal had completed the treatment of my problem I noticed an immediate improvement. The sharp pain and stiffness had all gone; I could stand up and walk with improved posture and felt a stone lighter.

I can safely say that the service given to me by Back Track Chiropractic was the best that I have received in all this time. Not only was the customer service excellent and the treatment highly effective, but I was given excellent advice on how to strengthen and protect my back to reduce the risk of further problems in future.

Shal is an excellent practitioner and is able to put you at complete ease whilst undertaking the chiropractic manipulations.

Excellent Service!

Derek, T. (65).

I injured my back at work about 10 years ago. It took me about 6 months to get over it, seeing an Osteopath and being unable to work. It used to flare up occasionally, causing me a lot of pain. After a couple of days and lots of painkillers it would disappear. But this time it really was excessive. I could not walk for over 2 months. My daughter in-law suggested I give Shal a try.

At our first appointment Shal talked me through the procedures as I had never seen a Chiropractic before. But what impressed me a lot was how enthusiastic Shal was (I sat there thinking this guy really loves his work and is very caring).

After about 3 weeks I was feeling so much better and able to walk short distances. Another 2-3 weeks and I was back to walking daily again with a smile on my face! I would not hesitate to recommend Shal to anyone.

Frances, R. (57).

Shal is thorough and careful. He not only treated the problem I had (Back pain from snow clearing). But also diagnosed an underlying spinal condition which he is now helping me with.

Shal is very approachable. I am particularly grateful for him making me aware of the importance of spinal health, and I can see the benefits already.

I was nervous about treatment, but Shal explained everything well and put me at ease.

Naila, S. (45)

I first started coming to Shal as I had a bad back. I found it difficult to get up stairs, walking, bending down, my self-esteem was low too, always felt tired and run down, plus my feet ached too.


Since I have been coming to Shal for treatments I feel like a new woman. It’s helped me so much, my aches and pains have begun to reduce considerably. My feet are looking and feeling good too. I can now walk longer and I feel that my spirit has been lifted every time I come out of treatment, I feel so energetic.


He’s a godsend I am glad and overjoyed that Shal has treated me. His methods are so therapeutic and I recommend him to everyone I know.

Al, E.

I have been receiving Chiropractic treatment for over 25 years. I have found Shal to be very personable, thorough and professional.


He provides excellent pre & post care advice and information.


I highly recommend him.

Yvette, H. (57)

I have worked with Shal for several months now. I have found him to be a very pleasant and respectful individual.


He is also very patient. He listens to my concerns and has shown me what is happening around the areas that I am experiencing pain and discomfort.


He is flexible and willing to accommodate me when my circumstances change. I have experienced gradual improvements with my condition.


I enjoy the experience, I am comfortable with Shal. I would recommend his Chiropractic treatment to my friends.


Tracey, H. (39)

I came to Back Track Chiropractic when i was told i had a trapped nerve in my lower back.

My GP had given me painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, and I had a series of sessions with a Physiotherapist.

After 12 weeks off work, I thought my back was better, but within a few days of returning to work the severe pain was coming back, as I am constantly twisting and stretching at the waist when at work.

After a small number of sessions with Shal, my back felt much better, I didn’t have to take more time off work, and now I visit Shal once a month.

Shal is professional, competent, friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone with back pain.

Katarzyna, B (39)

A few weeks ago, I felt strong pain in my back. Usual daily activities caused me a massive pain, so I started to take painkillers. In a short time this pain got worse, so even walking and moving caused me pain.

I decided to contact Dr Shal Bhatia to ask for help. After the treatments I feel so much better now.

The massive pain gone away, so I stopped taking painkillers.

I am so happy and grateful for all the help and treatments from Dr Shal and I would recommend him to everyone.

Zainub, S (21)

My mother has been suffering from backache and depression for years, going to doctors back and forth didn’t prove to be helping her.

She always used to be upset, sleepy and unhappy in a lot of discomfort. A close friend recommended me to try Chiropractic care with Dr Shal. I was a little concerned, wasn’t sure if he could help.

But then my mom started to get severe pains in her lower back and feet, and was finding it very difficult to walk. I therefore decided to take my friends advice, and gave Shal a call.

We had a short discussion about mom, to see what would be in best interest for her. An appointment was squeezed in quickly for us. Shal was thorough with his questions and examination. He was very informative and told us the diagnosis and plan, which was very easy to follow simply, we both felt a lot more comfortable and at ease with future care.

He then began treating mom, since then mom has been more alert, happier, and it’s a massive improvement. Shal is amazing the results are worth it, id recommend Shal to anyone.

Chhaya, P (28)

I suffered from neck & lower back pain which was painful prior to treatment. I saw Shal for Chiropractic treatment. The pain meant I could not sleep well as it would wake me at night.

I had tried Physiotherapy, Osteopathy & acupuncture but with little relief.

I started noticing improvement with Chiropractic treatment. I now sleep well & have reduced pain.

I found my Chiropractic treatments very rewarding. Shal is a very personable character who takes his quality of care and client satisfaction very seriously. He is skilled with his choice of treatments he uses and has excellent technical knowledge in his field.

Chiropractic aims at bringing the spine into optimal function, relieving pain and poor posture.

Qurquia, B (30)

I came to Shal under duress: I had extensive lower back pain that was causing me difficulty in getting a good night’s sleep. Sometimes I would have a sharp pain running down my leg but the most significant issue was a constant lower backache that lasted throughout the day. It was affecting my work and causing me great discomfort and pain. I had been to a chiropractor briefly before but moved so was unable to continue treatments. I also tried exercising/stretching to no avail.

When I first met Shal, he took a thorough assessment of my condition along with x-rays, which I found to be a great step-up as my previous doctor did not perform such a thorough review. After receiving the results, Shal walked me through the contributing factors of my pain and informed me on how to best proceed. I found his explanation easy to understand and he readily answered any questions that I had.  He walked me through each phase of my treatment and I am happy to say I felt a marked improvement after a few short weeks. I can now sleep better and my posture has definitely improved. I am more conscious of how I carry myself, how I sit at a table or desk, and have been taking Shal’s recommendations into serious consideration and practice. I also found the explanation about chiropractic care invaluable. Learning how the spine is connected to so many functions, is profound and something I think everyone should be more aware of.

Overall, I would say that Shal is an excellent Chiropractor. His ‘bedside manner’ is impeccable and he truly listens and takes into account any aches, pains, or concerns you may have. He addressed any arising issues brilliantly and modified treatment as needed in response to any changes in my condition. I truly appreciated the fact that he heard my concerns and provided care or advice as best fit the situation. Shal is an excellent healthcare provider and I would highly recommend him to anyone who seeks his services.